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Sonny + Leah’s Proposal

*Phone Rings* "Hey. I'm proposing to Leah tomorrow over in eastern Washington. Are you able to capture it for us?" For as much as I love to plan things out,

Two Pines Update 1

Midway through January, Duncan Shaffer and I decided to launch our new creative venture, Two Pines Productions, and really begin to build both our businesses around and through it. I

Two Pines Productions

We felt like a change. So we started something we think is cool...so here it goes. Two Pines Productions. A concept came to my friend Duncan and I a few

Weddings – William + Lea

Back in September, I was able to capture William and Lea Heofts wedding day. The ceremony took place in the beautiful St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox, in the Montlake neighborhood, in Seattle, Washington.


2016 has been a rough year. Two years ago I was told, to my face, I wouldn't graduate college from both my professor and my dean. I was told I

Inspiration, Fear, and Not Quite Making It.

Have you ever seen a sign or a ceiling ledge and you think to yourself: I can totally touch that. You begin run, firmly plant your launch leg, and propel

BookBlock, Procrastination, and the Art of Journaling

As I said yesterday, life becomes busy before you have time to prepare. I’m in this season right now. To give you an update, I moved from Las Vegas, Nevada

A Return

*Sigh* You ever feel like you want to start something but then life becomes busy and suddenly you are faced with work, deadlines, side-projects, staying sane, maintaining general well-being, etc.?

Weddings – Michaela + JP

Ok so funny story: I'm sitting at work on a Sunday Morning running services at The International Church of Las Vegas, and in pops my friend Brook Anderson from Sherwood

Seniors – Devin Mclaughlin

Devin is attending Kairos School of Ministry through The International Church of Las Vegas this fall. Devin truly knows what it means to make the best of any situation. We were