Camera Op - Assistant Producer - Editor


Evergreens is a made-to-order fast-casual restaurant serving healthy, delicious salads, wraps and warm grain bowls. Their goal is to create an environment that is fun, energetic, and welcoming to all. We were tasked to help share their goals through a branded mission video showing the diversity, energy, and happiness of their team.


We developed a strong plan to create a mission-style video for Evergreens, combining strategic thinking, creativity, and technical expertise. We carefully studied the company's mission and values, creating a script that fits well with its identity. While filming, our team captured our interactions with the Evergreens team, including personal testimonials for internal use. In the editing process, we crafted a compelling story with smooth transitions, impactful music, and on-screen text.


We created an engaging video that effectively conveys the company's mission, aligning seamlessly with its goals. Our collaborative approach positions us as the right team to bring a recruiter's vision to life.